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Beef and Mushroom pasta in a cream sauce…

Beef, Pasta | April 14, 2012 | By

Truly their are no words for how absolutely divine this dish is! I would hands down say this is one of my favorite meals. Years ago my family and I went to Florida and ate at this amazing italian restaurant and you ordered everything family style. The portions were huge and we ended up giving the table next to us half our meal! The one dish I remember, and have never had or seen before, was this amazing shredded beef wrapped up in a homemade pasta with a cream sauce. It melted in your mouth, you could cry it was that good…so anyway I was trying to recreate that here:) The day before I had made french dips  in the crock pot. Here is the website for that recipe from my friend the Country-cook.  If you haven’t tried these be careful they are addictive, and a cinch to make. I had the left-over beef  and thought… “well here goes nothing!!!” You could use really any left over beef from your slow cooker


Take your shredded beef, a package of mushrooms, a nice big dab of butter, kosher salt, fresh black pepper and thyme.  Saute on med- high heat.

Now its time to boil that lovely pasta

I get this at Trader Joes and I love it. It’s called pappardelle. YUM!


Okay so now we just have to add a cup of heavy cream….It’s not like we eat this everyday right?:) Simmer on low until your ready for your pasta.

Take your pasta directly from boiling water and add to your saute pan. Now get ready for yet another cup of heavy cream….and a handful of shredded parmesan cheese.


Seriously, just the smell will make you crazy. Salt and pepper to taste and add some fresh thyme to finish it off. Don’t cook too long on the stove or you”ll end up with too thick of sauce. Now for the best part.

Plate and serve!!! Enjoy Friends!!


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